Sharing the power of entrepreneurship

We believe in the power of entrepreneurship, and that those who wield it has the power to shape the future into the world they want to see.

We believe that anyone can be trained in the skills of entrepreneurship, and by surrounding an founder with the right community of other founders, anyone should be encouraged to explore walking the entrepreneurial journey.

On an impact mission for an entrepreneurial world

Startup Norway was started in 2010 with the impact mission to build a stronger startup ecosystem and share the power of entrepreneurship. We believe that by empowering the people with the entrepreneurial mindset, strong startup ecosystems can be built in every corner of the world.

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Knut Wien
CPO and Co-founder Startup Norway

Maja Adriaensen
CEO and founder Startup Norway

Solveig Indregård - CEO Startup Norway Campus AS
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Jyoti Sohal-David - Co-work
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Evelina Liciute - Event
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