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Event at Campus:    Coworking, Event Space, Startup playground, Innovation culture

Event at Campus: Coworking, Event Space, Startup playground, Innovation culture

On top of a rebuild garage in the center of Oslo, an entrepreneurial playground is alive, sharing the power of entrepreneurship with you —whether you’re ready to scale or just dipping your toe in the startup water.

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We have the playground
for your next event

You create events to inspire, to engage or to share your visions. So do we, and we would love to share our playgrounds with you. Host your event with us and let us help you design the experience.

Achieve event excellence


Work like a rockstar and conquer your visions

Moving one needle at the time, some day you startup vision might come true. In the work and office area at Startup Campus you are surrounded by the entrepreneurial energy of your peers, and pushed to succeed by the crowd.

With us you are never alone


Anyone can learn the power of entrepreneurship

We belive that anyone can learn the skills of entrepreneurship. Whether you are a new founder or an experienced serial entrepreneur or investor, we challenge you to never stop learning.

Get on with your learning


Build your entrepreneurial education

 Anyone can learn the skills of entrepreneurship, wilding it to create an impactful company is where the true challenge lies.

At Startup Campus you can find entrepreneurial programs to empower you as an entrepreneur, and to help you build your own personal entrepreneurial education to make you a rock star entrepreneur of tomorrow.

Find your programs, or come talk with us about your dreams as an entrepreneur.

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It´s about you becoming an entrepreneur